Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I love You Mama

Amazing how silence can be so loud, like rhythm of music filling my ears
Between distance and silence I could understand all u yearned to say
As my mind was filled with pictures of beautiful memories of you and I
Words were not needed to express what we felt , love so pure and so serene
Our hearts spoke louder than a sound of music a beautiful melody from heaven
Like a beautiful rhythm that our hearts yearns to hear so beautiful that our eyes tear

As we sat there counting the stars down deep wishing our years be that many
I could clearly hear your heart pray your little prayer that I hope was heard
All years we have spent together and all the pain we endured for each other
No words will be enough to explain what our hearts have endured for our sake
And yet as we sat there in silence my heart knew and was content
You mean the world to me mama and your place is sacred in my heart

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