Friday, 30 March 2012

Wonderful Paintings

I stumbled upon these paintings on a certain website, and the captured my eye. I am an art lover and I have a great respect for artists, all kinds of artists but my personal favourites are painters. They always fascinate me, how they can turn a piece of paper or cloth into something so breath taking. I hope you enjoy these paintings

Lovely Paintings-1.jpg
I loved this painting because of how the colours are reflected and makes the whole scene so serene. It seems peaceful doesn't it? or may be its just because I love horses and I have a thing for river/lake/ocean related environments but honestly this painting has captured my eye
Lovely Paintings-2.jpg
So this seems like a white horse, and it looks kinda lost. when I looked at it the first thing that popped into my mind was Unicorns and fairy tales. But its also quite eye catching
Lovely Paintings-3.jpg
Simply captivating
Lovely Paintings-4.jpg
Captivating isn't it? what can I say, I'm an art lover. 
Lovely Paintings-6.jpg
Feels like a place I would like to be at when I'm escaping people

Lovely Paintings-5.jpg

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