Wednesday, 23 May 2012



Do not forget where you came from
Do not let yourself be fooled by them
Never forget what they did to your children
Never forget how they tied your children like dogs
And treat them no better than bugs
Never forget the cries our our forefathers.

How their fathers saw your fathers
Is how their children sees us
Ignorant dumb brainless Monkeys 
Who do not know where they go
Who needs a whip in order to move
No better than the monkeys in the wild

Africa, Never forget where you came from,
What they made your children go through
 How they ripped you off, and sell your children like peas,
And call your children animals,
And kill them like wild geese
And work your children like donkeys
And whip them like wild animals. 
Do not let their glittering golds get to you, because initially they were yours

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