Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Vicky is a friend of mine, a poet by hobby and a good one too, here is some of her recent work, of which I liked

We all need love and we all have people that we love to death. There are things you don't want to hear from those you love and you wish that those unpleasant things said to you can only be sweet words. 

Words to take you through the day and night, words to bring a smile on your gloomy face, words to make you glow even when you have a million pimples/acne.
We are all human, giving and receiving love is inevitable. Whether it's from/ to the people you love or not.

Tell me you love me and I will tell you I love you too
Tell me you hate me and I will tell you I still love you
Tell me I irritate you and I will tell you I'm amused by you
Tell me I get in you nerves and I will tell you I'm made happier by you

Vicky Mwakoyo© 29th May 2012

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