Wednesday, 24 April 2013

When Unexpected Happens

Its guaranteed that life will catch you offguard sometimes, surprise you with things that u were not prepared for and you will stumble from your path at least for a while. But these surprises are not always bad, sometimes life surprises you with wonderful wonderful things, like how you may find love in very unexpected places and wealth in the least place you would look. But in the game of life, these things are a must and are inevitable.

When you are caught offguard by good events, embrace them but do not let them stir you or distract you from your original plan, because good or bad a distraction is a distraction. When such events are bad and they hit you in such a way that life looses its meaningful and the path to your future seems blank and pitch black, do not stop moving, use your heart and instincts to keep moving in the right direction and your hands to feels the way and obstacles. Because in the end it doesn't matter how you got there but the thing is you did get there.

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