Thursday, 14 January 2016


We praise knowledge
We seek knowledge
We pursue knowledge
We worship knowledge
Knowledge opens doors
Doors that will forever remain open

We praise the knowledgable
We hold the knowledgable high
We entrust the knowledgable our lives
We believe the knowledgable when they speak
Knowledge is a currency in its own right

What then is a soul without knowledge
What is a worth of a brain without knowledge
Knowledge of what once was
Knowledge of what is now
Knowledge of what it out to have been
Knowledge of what to come

I concur knowledge is good
But not admitt not always
Sometimes knowledge can bring pain
Knowledge isn't always a bed of roses
Knowledge sometimes carry sorrow
While ignorance deeply masks reality
And saves a soul from pain

My soul yearns for ignorance
Ignorance of things that have scarred my soul
Wounds so deep cut by knowledge's sharp blade
I wish to unknow things
To back back to the state of being ignorant about some things
I yearn for that peace and tranquility that ignorance provides
I yearn for a moment of quiet in myhead

Because some knowledge carry bad news
Scars the heart and soul
Breaks one's spirit into pieces
And leave deep wounds that can not heal
Even "doctor time" gets defeated by knowledge

I wish to unlearn some aspects of mylife
I wish to unlearn somethings about mypeople
I wish for the moments when my mind could rest
That moment of tranquility
Tranquility that only not knowing brings

I wish to not know who died
Orcwho will die soon
To not know who betrayed me
To not know my loved ones are sick
To not know that life can end abruptly
To not know that sons can die before mothers
To not know that I will die someday
Ignorance isnt always a bad thing
Seek knowledge
But sometimes, by any means choose to remain Ignorant
Of the facts that will scar your soul forever

Matty K.

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